Tuesday Mavs Donuts: Dirk Says 'Yes'(?)

Tuesday Mavs Donuts: Dirk Says 'Yes'(?)

A credible (we think) report about Dirk and Jessica's wedded bliss. ('He has said 'yes'!) ... The Mavs assistant who is sleeping with the enemy ... Somebody asks Spike Lee if he is changing loyalties from the Knicks to the Nets. ... The Asian Advantage ... Kidd had just how many assists?! ... Chicken sandwiches and Amway. ... Tuesday Mavs Donuts!

DONUT 1: Are we getting Dirk wedding news right this time? ...

There is still a language barrier here (but it's German, so we're used to it). This time it seems the news is credible: Dirk's wedding is actually a wedding.

Translating: He has said yes! Bild.de exclusively can announce: Last weekend, Dirk and his fiancée Jessica Olsson got married. The wedding took place on a secret island. The German basketball superstar of the Dallas Mavericks made a Riesengeheimnis from his wedding. "I want the hold private and no Tamm-Tamm", said Dirk. Not even his parents and his family were told of the location.

Congratulations (we think) to Mr. and Mrs. UberMan on the Riesengeheimnis and the Tamm-Tamm.

DONUT 2: Add another FA to the summer of 2013 ...

The Jazz have offered to Paul Millsap a max three-year extension that under the rules is worth $25 million.

Millsap has turned it down for one reason that seems obvious: A forward with his abilities -- something just short of All-Star-level, agreed? -- is going to likely command more than an average of $8.3 million a year on a free-agent contract next summer.

The non-transaction is also significant in this sense: It adds to the pile of available talent next summer just as the Dallas Mavericks are continuing to execute "Plan Powder.''

This is not to suggest that Millsap necessarily represents the Dirk Nowitzki heir. Just that there is more product about to appear on that sales shelf.

DONUT 3: And one more factor ...
At the risk of being terribly premature here ... Does Paul Millsap, in his heart of basketball hearts, want to spend the rest of his sports life playing in Utah?

I don't mean to pull a Derek Harper here ("YOU go play in Utah'') or even a Dirk ("Utah is a bad city''). I'm actually sympathetic to what I believe is the Jazz' plight, and something no CBA will ever be able to fix:

In Dallas, we fear we'll never be a "destination city'' for players on a level with New York, LA or Miami. How deeply then must Utah feel the same fear?

DONUT 4: One big happy ...

Word out of Vegas: Mavs assistant Terry Stotts and Kaleb Canales - the two Blazers coaching finalists - are side-by-side while working at the "big-man camp'' of legendary instructor Tim Grgurich (himself a Mavs special assistant).

One big happy basketball family!

DONUT 5: Deep thoughts from Spike Lee ...

So somebody actually asked Spike Lee if he is changing loyalties from the Knicks to the Nets. I have two questions I'd like to ask:
One: Why would he? I'm a lifelong fan of my team ... that's my team. I have my Brooklyn ties, but they are no stronger than my NY ties. Right?

Two: Who gives a crap what Spike Lee does?

DONUT 6: In case you missed it ...

Check out the DB.com Mavs Archives! There's gold in there!

DONUT 7: Chicken sandwiches and Amway ...

The DeVos family, which owns the Orlando Magic, is anti-gay marriage. (Do they eat at Chik-Fil-A?) Is it advisable for a "public business'' to take such a stand on a private matter? Maybe the fast-food business is different from the basketball business in the sense that an NBA team is a "public trust.'' To me, it's like the public library or a museum of art. It belongs to all of us and therefore should represent all of us.

Are there negative ramifications to taking such a stand? Well, maybe you lose fans. Or, heck, maybe such a stand means you gain fans. But maybe it also means that you crush the spirit of basketball-loving kid who happens to also be a homosexual ... and regardless of your Biblical or sexual or legal view on this issue, I wonder if that's worth it.

DONUT 8: Follow Fish and the Mavs on Twitter ...

DONUT 9: Beneficial racism? ...

Jeremy Lin tells the press in Taiwan that the advantage he has as an Asian basketball player is ..., well, not looking like a basketball player.

"I think the advantage of being an Asian basketball player in America is that no one expects anything from you, and no one thinks you are going to be good,'' Lin says. "The reason why I said it was an advantage is because everyone takes you lightly, and the minute you step out on the court, you give it to them and you immediately earn their respect, but no one is going to give it to you right away, not in America at least.''

We all know Lin is correct -- as long as he's talking about his own path in the past-tense. He catches no such break anymore. But once upon a time? It's how Woody Harrelson won in "White Men Can't Jump.'' It's how little guys in softball hit the ball over the outfielders' heads. It's how the guy who shows up for the touch football game wearing jeans gets picked last.

Racism? Prejudice? Profiling? We're all guilty. But Lin can "benefit'' from it no more.

DONUT 10: Prepping you for Collison vs. Kidd ...

I often note that Collison is not an assist guy. He's averaged about five assists per game during his four NBA seasons. I'm concerned that it might impact Rick's desire to continue to be "the best passing team in the NBA,'' a label the coach wears proudly.

And then I remember that Jason Kidd was pretty much a five-assist guy last year ... and I wonder if everything might turn out OK.

DONUT 11: Want more Mavs? ...
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DONUT 12: The Final Word ...

Terrell Owens has signed with the Seahawks. The Cowboys play at Seattle in Week 2 of the regular season.

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