Franklin on USC Win

Franklin on USC Win

Johnathan Franklin talks about the big win over USC and what it will mean for the UCLA football program going forward...

Johnathan Franklin talks after USC:


Q: … seeing the field better…

JF: I just feel like I've been gaining confidence from how we practice. Just coming out and having fun tonight.

Q: [audio difficulties]

JF: it was like, "let's go". We got the ball. Let's go and score.

Q: was the feeling like, "let's go, we can't waste this"?

JF: oh yeah, that's a big opportunity. When you get a turnover, you have to score.

Q: how does it feel to break the record against ‘SC?

JF: man, [audio difficulties].. Of course they're our rivals. I'm happy we beat them, but we have another game. I wasn't coming into the season thinking of just beating ‘SC. We have a big game against Stanford.

Q: talk about your last touchdown. That kind of clinched it.

JF: praise God for it. And those other 10 guys blocking their tails off all season. They just opened up a hole and I ran through it.

Q: Johnathan, you're being humble, man, but you guys just beat USC. You're PAC-12 South champs. I remember talking to you 2 years ago, saying that you guys were going to take the PAC-12, PAC-10 at the time, didn't happen… but tonight's the night, man. I heard you guys were dancing in the locker room.

JF: Yeah, it's great. God is good. I have to give him the glory. I can't take any for myself. We have another game next week. Playing through the seasons, it humbled me. We have a big game next week. Recommended Stories