FSNextTV: Mackensie Alexander

FSNextTV: Mackensie Alexander

Mackensie Alexander is one of the top available prospects in the southeast. The Sunshine state shut down corner has several offers to consider over the course of the next few weeks. See footage of Alexander's senior season in this FOXSportsNext video presentation.

Mackensie Alexander understands how to play corner. He has the change of direction and recovery speed to remove his man as an option for opposing quarterbacks.

Alexander's instincts and route recognition are next level quality. He can be seen in several clips releasing his man and picking up another one up based on what he sees developing.

He plays the ball extremely well and does a great job positioning himself between the ball and his receiver to limit the offenses options and opportunities.

In addition to being a good cover guy, Alexander is very decisive when coming up in run support. A great open field tackler, Alexander is capable of shutting down his side of the field in more ways than one.

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