VIDEO: 1-on-1 With Willis

Priest Willis

Five-star prospect Priest Willis, from Tempe (Ariz.) Marcos de Niza, talks exclusively to following his commitment ceremony...

FOX Sports NEXT went one-on-one with UCLA's newest commit, Priest Willis, after his commitment ceremony on Wednesday night.


Q: Inna Lazarev, for Fox Sports and, here with the newest Bruin, Priest Willis. Priest, congratulations on your decision. What did it come down to?

PW: just really the atmosphere that UCLA has. The coaching staff. I really felt comfortable. They were comfortable with my baby sister, my parents. It was just a great vibe there, and I'm glad that the recruiting process is over now. I've made my decision now. Hopefully, it's a great one.

Q: how relieved are you?

PW: I'm really relieved, honestly, that it's over. I thank all the coaches that recruited me. All the fans that followed me. Probably all the fans that "unfollowed" me now. I feel like my better years are in front of me. And I'm glad that I chose UCLA. It's the best fit, and I hope that people understand that.

Q: what is it about UCLA that makes it the best fit? And what is it about those coaches that you couldn't say no to?

PW: just UCLA, all-around, is a great staff. Those coaches, they really weren't trying to sell anything to me. Everything they told me was the truth. Coming in, they said I have a great chance to play. It's a great atmosphere. A great media place. And I'm glad that I can spend my next 4 years as a Bruin and say it happily.

Q: I know that immediate playing time was important for you. Where do you see yourself fitting in at UCLA next year and have you discussed with the coaches where you fit in?

PW: no, we haven't discussed it. Probably won't discuss it. I'm going to come in and fight and earn my position. I don't want anything given to me. I'm going to compete, and it's just not fair if it's just given to me and all the people that have been there for years already. I'm going to fight. They said they're going to throw me out there and I'm ready. I'm just going to start training from here on out.

Q: for the UCLA fans that haven't had the opportunity to watch you play, what should they expect?

PW: just great years ahead of me. I'm going to give 100% on the field, and I promise I won't let them down. Every time they come to see me, it'll be a great game.

Q: I know we touched a little bit about the relationship between you and Tahaan Goodman, fellow DB who also announced for UCLA today. Did you guys discuss that decision together?

PW: well, not today. Last night, he said he was feeling UCLA, and I said I was feeling it too. And we felt like this was the best choice, and UCLA's program is on the rise. And we felt that it was the best choice for us.

Q: so how long have you known that it was going to be the Bruins for you?

PW: a day.

Q: a day?

PW: a day.

Q: wow, okay.

PW: just a day. I felt it last night. I slept on it a lot, but my gut feeling told me it was UCLA.

Q: and how confident are you in that decision? Is this the only decision you're going to make before signing day?

PW: oh, I'm committed. I'm not "decommitting." None of that. This is the decision that I made. I talked with my parents, and I'm going to stick with it.

Q: alright, and you're ready to sign… I know you mentioned before, but who is it that you're going to be recruiting to us to go with you?

PW: I know Devon Allen. He's not committed yet. I'm going to speak UCLA in his ear. Eddie Vanderdoes, great lineman. Fitz. I'm going to try to get these players here, and hopefully we can bring UCLA up on the rise even more.

Q: give me your pitch. Why should they be Bruins?

PW: they've been there. You know. They know what I felt. The words, I can't describe UCLA. They already know. I don't have to pitch anything to them. If they're not feeling UCLA now, they probably won't feel them at all. But just give them a second look and UCLA's going to win championships from here on out.

Q: so the school speaks for itself is what you're saying?

PW: yes, ma'am.

Q: well, congratulations, Priest. Best look to you in Westwood. Recommended Stories