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The Confit de Canard, Not Varmint, Edition

Has G Aaron Bright made the leap?

A huge tip of the ole Stanford Basketball cap to the Buck/Cardinal Club for the added benefit to seat license-gauged season ticket holders of the hand-delivered double Mimosa. Nothing goes down as well with Beaver at noon as a stiff mimosa. What? You didn't get one delivered to your seats just before tipoff. We did. Then again, it is who-you-know, isn't it?

This was a huge homestand on the Farm for us, where we were either going to rise to the occasion, or drown like a drunk skunk. 5-4 or 4-5 or 3-6 were the options. Only one of those would leave us relevant in the conference and with any hope for meaningful post-season play without pulling a bison out of hat, like Colorado did last year at the conference tourney. Thank goodness on Sunday the only... Recommended Stories