Henderson Headed to Hollywood

Seantrel Henderson

The USC Trojans strong recruiting class just got a lot bigger and better with the commitment of Scout's top overall player in the 2010 recruiting class, Seantrel Henderson.

The USC Trojans strong recruiting class just got a lot bigger and better with the commitment of Scout's top overall player in the 2010 recruiting class, Seantrel Henderson.

The 6-8, 338-pound lineman could have gone to any school in the country and he picked USC over Ohio State, Miami, Florida Notre Dame and Minnesota.

"Seantrel loved it out there. The one thing that we love as parents is it's a private school and it's smaller, and the prestige and value of the education," said Seantrel's father, Sean Henderson. "This is something that you can't just necessarily go and find. Even if you could pay for it you might not get accepted because of the criteria that they want you to have. They are very selective about who they choose.

"To be with the best, and to actually graduate with the best of the best says everything. I think that would be a total package that would spell success for Seantrel's future."

According to Sean Henderson, the strong education that his son will receive at USC was a major factor in his college choice.

"Education is the most important, one trillion percent. He will get a degree from a quality institution," he said. "I am not worried about him from 22 to 32. I think he can handle that part playing ball in the (NFL) and getting some money. I am more so worried about what he is going to do from 32 to 72, and him knowing how to save his money so that when he can't work anymore he will be good."

After Pete Carroll left USC for another shot at the NFL, many experts thought USC's chances to land Henderson had left town along with Carroll, but after an aggressive push by Lane Kiffin and his staff, the big man from Minnesota is now headed to Hollywood.

"They did a real good job of utilizing their time. They showed everything about the school, the tradition, the past and current players, accolades and all that," Henderson said. "I think USC did a great job of coming and giving it to him straight.

"They have maintained all of the recruiting that Pete Carroll and his staff were doing. All of the guys that were in place are still in play and some of these guys have already started classes already, so everything is looking positive."

In Henderson, the Trojans are getting the most dominant offensive lineman in recent memory as well as a high character kid. Henderson recently solidified his status as the top player in the 2010 class with a strong show at the U.S. Army Bowl.

Seantrel Henderson Scouting Report:

Perfect symmetry in pass pro, feet are shoulder width apart. Hands on thigh pads, elbows bent, not over extending past shoulders. Perfect kick step to the slide. Upper body vertical with knees bent and feet moving. Places his hands up to chest level ready to deliver a punch. His butt is down and his back is about as flat as you could expect from a 6-foot-8 man. Bob Lichtenfels-Scout.com

The USC Trojans landed the commitment of Seantrel Henderson on Wednesday

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